Improved engine performance
Kubota has lowered the rated engine speed from 2200 rpm to 2100 rpm and lowered the maximum
output speed from 2200 rpm to 1900 rpm. The result is improved performance and output in the
engine speed range actually used for PTO and towing work. The lower engine speed also results in
better fuel economy and reduced engine noise.


30 speed Semi-Powershift
A new semi-powershift transmission provides an even greater range of forward gears—30 in total—letting you find the right gear for each job for maximum productivity. The number of main gears has been increased from 4 to 6 within working ranges of transmission. An auto shifting function automatically evaluates the engine load, Advances to the appropriate range gear, and adjusts the engine output accordingly, resulting in improved acceleration performance under light loads.

KVT Transmission
Kubota’s KVT transmission is widely praised for its performance and efficiency. The new KVT transmission takes performance and efficiency to the next level, offering even better shuttle response to let you quickly find the ideal speed for the job at hand, including loader work. This transmission is also stronger, with a tractor permissible weight of 11.5 t, allowing you to use larger implements and improving reliability.


With the introduction of new 7″ LCD monitors, now you can choose between a 7″ or 12″ K monitors to fit your needs.

New 7inch monitor features:
・ Soft Button Navigation
・ Touch Screen Programming
・ ISO-BUS connector-compatible


Comfortable Four Post Suspend Cab
• Greater Visibility
• Better cooling capacity
• Reduced decibel levels
• Deluxe fully adjustable seat
• Greater view w/new 7″ monitor

Kubota knows how important comfort is when working long days in the field. Operators of the M7-2 series will enjoy a spacious four post suspended cab with virtually unobstructed views. To further increase operator comfort, decibel levels have been reduced and our new deluxe seat with more cushioning and armrest have a wider range of adjustments and has been redesigned with your comfort in mind.


Hydraulic flow control adjustment
You no longer need to leave the cab to adjust the hydraulic flow rate. The flow rate adjustment dial is now conveniently located within easy reach from inside the cab, saving you time—and improving productivity—when setting up the tractor for various types of work.

A/C Performance

The M7-2 Series’ new pressuris ed cab features a high performance heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) with 25% greater air flow that will quickly heat or cool the cabin and maintain desired temperature.

Front end loader

Kubota is commited to improving the ease and efficiency of front loader operations.
Kubota’s LM2605 advanced loader systems features;
• Kubota Z-Bar linkage mechanical self-leveling
• Single-lever hydraulic valve quick coupler
• Quick attachment and detachment
• Kubota shockless ride(KSR)
• Third Function Valve
• Euro Quick Coupler



M7-2 Engine Specifications

TypeDirect Injection, with Intercooler turbocharger, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel engineDirect Injection, with Intercooler turbocharger, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel engineDirect Injection, with Intercooler turbocharger, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel engine
No. of cylinders4 cylinders4 cylinders4 cylinders
Total displacement - cc612461246124
Bore × stroke - mm118 × 140118 × 140118 × 140
Rated speed - rpm210021002100
Max. power @ 1900 engine rpm (97/68EC) - HP128148168
Boost power - HP+20+20+5
Rated PTO horsepower* @ 2000 engine rpm (OECD Code 2) - HP100120140