Performance- driven technology

The power behind the M5001 Series’ superior performance and efficiency comes from advanced Kubota-built diesel engines. These rugged engines also offer cleaner emissions, quieter operation, and greater fuel efficiency.


Constant RPM Management

The M5001 Series engines feature a new electronic governor that gives you electronic control of engine RPM. Activating the system keeps engine revolution constant, preventing drops in PTO speed and enabling stable operation. It makes working with PTO-driven implements much more efficient.


Improved torque and fuel consumption

The M5001 Series engines run at lower engine speeds without any loss of performance, thanks to improved torque and performance settings. Lower engine speeds also mean quieter operation, less engine wear, and greater fuel efficiency.


In the right gear

Whatever the task, there’s a gear that will get it done. The M5001 Narrow Series offers 36 speeds — forward and reverse — with Dual Speed technology, ensuring that you are always working efficiently.


Fully synchronized transmission with single shift lever

A single shift lever makes shifting between gears smooth, simple, and direct. Whether you’re
traveling quickly between jobs or moving slowly in a specialty crop, the M5001 Series’ transmission offers the optimum gear for the task.


Over Drive

The Over Drive function keeps the engine revolutions at around 2000 rpm during high speed driving for better fuel economy.


Electro Hydraulic shuttle

An electro-hydraulic shuttle lever lets you quickly and easily change directions without using the clutch. Simply flick the lever forward or backward, and the M5001 Series tractor instantly changes direction, smoothly and without stopping. The lever is located on the left side of the steering wheel for easy access. Faster, simpler direction changes means improved productivity.


Superior pump capacity

With hydraulics pump capacity of 69-litres per minute dedicated to linkage and remotes and with up to 5 remotes with mid-mount options, the M5 narrow will become the go-to tractor for the discerning viticultural and orchard operation.


Highly efficient PTO work

The independent PTO shaft runs at 540 rpm or 540 Eco rpm, letting you efficiently take on a wide range of tasks, from cutting grass to baling and spraying. The PTO shaft brake engages automatically whenever the PTO shaft is disengaged to safely stop implements.

The PTO shaft clutch can be engaged and disengaged electro-hydraulically while in operation, improving the efficiency of mowing and baling operations. The optional 1000 rpm retrofit kit adds another dimension to your tractor.


3-point linkage and hydraulic remotes

Strong enough to raise heavy implements, the M5001 Series’ rugged 3-point hitch also provides powerful lift capacity of 2300kg at link ends. External cylinders improve lift capacity and ensure easy maintenance.

Two standard auxiliary control valves can be supplemented with three additional hydraulic valves with flow control and mid-mount options.

Narrow CAB


An all-glass cab and a newly designed bonnet ensure

excellent visibility in all directions, including both front
and rear implements as well as the immediate working environment. The cab glass is curved to reduce glare and enhance spaciousness, while narrow pillars and a sloping bonnet increase visibility in all directions.

Cab doors

Large doors on each side open wide for quick and easy entry and exit. Both doors are glass from top to bottom
for greater visibility of the area around the doors. When combined with the level platform, ergonomically positioned pedals, entry and exit are safe, convenient, and quick.


Tilt steering wheel

For easier entry and exit as well as optimum working comfort, the M5001N offers a tilt steering wheel and a flat platform. The angle of the steering wheel can be quickly adjusted with the press of a pedal. Tilt steering also provides greater forward visibility and a better view of the dashboard.


High ground clearance

A high front axle provides the clearance needed to pass over delicate crops, such as hay, that are easily damaged. A high ground clearance is also useful when working in row crops.


Bevel-gear front-wheel drive with bi-speed turning

The M5001N Series tractors turn smoothly and tightly. With Kubota’s exclusive Bi-speed Turn technology, whenever a turn exceeds an angel of about 30 degrees, the front wheels begin turning twice as quickly as the rear wheels, allowing you to safely and easily enter an adjacent crop row on the first attempt. Bi-speed turning automatically turns off when traveling at high speed.


Superior traction

The M5001 Series’ excellent traction lets you work even in challenging terrain conditions. Limited slip differentials on
the front and rear axels ensure a uniform travel speed even during turns or when one wheel is slipping. Superior traction also allows heavier loads to be towed and provides greater grip for loading operations. The rear differential can be locked when terrain conditions are particularly difficult.





EngineEngine type
Displacement/No. of cylinders (cm³)
3,769 / 4
Related speed rpm
Engine power output (97/68/EC) - hp (kw)
93 (69)
105 (78)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
TransmissionType – Main gear shift
6 speed synchronised
No. of speeds
F36/R36 with Dual speed
Max. travelling speed
Range gear shift
3 ranges (H-L-C)
Main gear shift
6 fully syncronised with Hi/Lo
Shuttle shift
Electro-hydraulic shuttle
Main clutch
Multiple wet disc, electro-hydraulically operated
Brake type
Hydraulic discs, 4 wheel braking
4WD engagement
Electro-hydraulic w/ Bi-speed
Front differential lock F/R--
Rear differential lock F/R
Mechanical type
PTOSpeed (rpm)
540 / 540E; Option: 540 / 540E / 1,000
HydraulicsPump capacity (L/min)
3-point hitch
Category II
Control system
Mechanical (position, draft & mix)
Lift capacity at ball end (kg)
No. of remote valves
2; max. 5 with integrated flow control
Standard tyre size
280/70R16 380/70R24
Dimensions & weightOverall length (mm)
Overall height (mm)
Overall width (mm)
1432 - 1723
Wheelbase (mm)
Tread width - front (mm)
Tread width - rear (mm)
Turning radius (w/o brake) m
Tractor weight (kg)