Simple thumb operated OPC system

Depress once with thumb before the clutch is engaged.

Ergonomic handle design

  • Clutch can be operated by both hands.
  • Down-turned ends enable easier turns on the move.
  • Parking brake provided.
  • Vibration reducing height adjustment system.

Automotive style clutch

  • Allows optimum control for enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • Fail safe system that stops all rotations if the clutch lever is released.

Quick release transport wheels

  • Transport wheels, mower stand and grass box included as standard in the price.
  • Wheels can be quickly fitted to allow fast transportation between greens.

All gear drives

  • Very low maintenance and enhanced reliability.
  • Constant outputs with consistent clip rates.
  • Outboard differentials for straight tracking and minimal maintenance.
  • No noisy and unreliable chains or belts.

Changeable clip rate

  • Quickly change from ‘High’ to ‘Low’ clip rate by simply moving a lever.
  • Can reduce stress during seasonal variations.

High quality alloy blades

  • Stays sharper for longer enhancing grass conditions whilst reducing maintenance.
  • Maximises the effects of relief grinding thus minimizing friction, heat and wear.
  • Compatible with back-lapping thus keeping blades sharp at minimal cost.

Bi-Directional Groomer

  • Forward or Reverse rotation can be quickly and easily selected.
  • Maximises the benefits of the attachment and enhances turf condition.

Floating Head cutting unit

  • Light weight to reduce turf compaction.
  • Independent of the tractor unit to allow articulation and enhanced contour following.
  • Small 4-inch diameter 11 blade cutting reel to keep to overall size of the cutting unit small whilst retaining a high clip rate.