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Diesel generators

Reliable Power solutions with Kubota industrial diesel generators

Ensure uninterrupted power supply for your industrial operations with Kubota industrial diesel generators. Kubota’s diesel generators are powered by genuine Kubota engines, renowned worldwide for their super reliability and long service life. With a wide range of compact generators available, from 5.5 kVA to 30kVA, there’s a solution for almost every application. Landscapers, construction sites and mobile contractors (welders, mechanics) depend on Kubota diesel generators to do their best work. At the same time, our premium range can be mine-ready with minor after-market additions.

Comprehensive range of power outputs with Kubota diesel generators

Kubota offers a comprehensive range of power outputs in their industrial diesel generators. From compact units for smaller applications to larger generators for high-demand industries, Kubota provides flexible solutions for diverse power requirements. With various models and configurations available, you can choose the generator that best suits your specific industrial needs. Invest in Kubota industrial diesel generators for reliable and efficient power solutions in your industrial operations.

Robust construction for durability and quiet operation

Kubota prioritises durability in their industrial diesel generators. These units feature robust construction and high-quality components, ensuring reliability and longevity in harsh industrial environments. From heavy-duty frames to corrosion-resistant materials, Kubota generators are built to withstand the rigours of continuous operation, providing reliable power generation for years to come. Kubota understands the importance of minimising noise disruption in industrial settings. Our diesel generators are engineered to operate quietly, reducing noise pollution and maintaining a comfortable work environment. Trust Kubota’s reputation for excellence and innovation and ensure uninterrupted power supply with Kubota diesel generators for your industrial needs.

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